Analysis MLB - AL Cy Young Award Odds

Analysis MLB - AL Cy Young Award Odds

May 29, 2020

The Cy Young Award defines innate cream in the pitching position. The American League pitchers come in search of great contracts, or to validate them, and hence Cy Young would help them en masse. These are the five favorites to win the award in 2020 and their AL Cy Young Award odds.

AL Cy Young Award Odds

Gerrit Cole (+250)

Speaking of pitchers in need of contract validation, Cole signed with the New York Yankees for $ 325 million, nine years. The Yankees are coming off their first decade in history without even appearing in the World Series, so the urgency for Cole to re-lead the league in strikeouts with 326 and help the Bronx Bomber return to the top.

Justin Verlander (+500)

Everyone who wears the Houston Astros shirt this year will be under a magnifying glass, this because of all the controversy about the rumors of them cheating to win the World Series in 2017. Verlander, for his part, is probably in the Hall of Fame and a Cy Young would cement his league status as an elite and dispel certain doubts about the Astros as well.

Shane Bieber (+550)

With 259 strikeouts and two shutouts (he led the league in this category), the hopes of some Cleveland Indians fall on Shane Bieber, who, while talented, are far from being a serious contender for next season. The previous year Bieber was fourth in the vote for Cy Young.

Lucas Giolito (+900)

Lucas Giolito is positioned as the fourth favorite and, together with Bieber, led with two shutouts the year before. Now, the Chicago White Sox are not the best team, far from it, they come from a negative season, but they have punctual figures that can boost them and Giolito is, precisely, one of them.

Charlie Morton, Jose Berrios, Mike Clevinger and Tyler Glasnow (+1400)

In fifth place, according to the bets, there is a tie of four pitchers between the Charlie Morton, of the Tampa Bay Rays, Jose Berrios of the Minnesota Twins, Mike Clevinger who militates for the Cleveland Indians and Tyler Glasnow, of the Tampa Bay Rays too.

Morton was 16-6 in his debut season with the Rays. In addition, he contributed 240 strikeouts and an ERA of 3.05. The 35-year-old veteran was third in Cy Young voting the year before.

Berrios had a record of 14-8, with 195 strikeouts only, but had a FIP of 3.85, which measures the effectiveness of a pitcher to avoid home runs, walks and other things, that is, the effectiveness of the pitcher while on the hill . Berrios pitched 200 innings the year before and was selected to the all-star game.

Mike Clevinger had 76% wins. He only conceded ten homers and had 169 strikeouts against 499 different hitters. His strikeout for victory was 4.57. Clevinger enters the season at the age of 29 and hopes to have a revelation season.

Lastly, Tyler Glasnow, who was 86% effective in wins the previous year and only allowed four home runs. However, his stats are considerably lower than the rest of the list, having just 76 strikeouts and a 2.26 FIP only.

AL Cy Young Award Predictions

This is a race of two, really. Gerrit Cole and Justin Verlander are class apart and both, in addition, militate in contending teams. I’m staying with Gerrit Cole, the pressure Verlander will have with the Astros will not be a level driver at all