MLB Analysis- Home Runs in Regular Season

MLB Analysis- Home Runs in Regular Season

May 25, 2020

The greatest emotion that can be found in a diamond is to see the ball cross the barrier. In the MLB, home runs defines games and having a great hitter on your roster is vital. Therefore, whoever ends the year with more home runs really has a lot to pay for. Here are the favorites to finish home run leaders in 2020.

MLB Analysis – Home Runs in Regular Season

Mike Trout

  • Favorite to win MLB regular season home runs: +900

Mike Trout is on his way to being a baseball legend, and his talent at bat is a big part of that, with 285 homers in his career, Trout is a danger to anyone on the hill, and much of it falls to him. The Anaheim Angels may hope to make it to the postseason. The year before, he had 45 home runs, his best mark since he’s been in MLB.

Pete Alonso

  • Favorite to win MLB regular season home runs: +1000

In just one year, Pete Alonso destroyed rival pitchers and led the Major Leagues with 53 home runs. A rookie who didn’t have to adapt to the league to amaze everyone. First baseman is the Mets’ big figure and he’s sure to defend his home run title by far, as on his shoulders are the aspirations of the Mets who have struggled the most and failed to qualify for the postseason in recent years.

Christian Yelich

  • Favorite to win MLB regular season home runs: +1200

Averaging .329 at bat and with 44 homers the year before, Yelich is entering the height of his career and the Brewers know that they have a very important figure in him, who has been among the first two in the votes of the most valuable player in the National League in the past two years. In addition, Yelich has won the Silver Slugger three times, thus confirming the danger it poses to the diamond.

Joey Gallo

  • Favorite to win MLB regular season home runs: +1200

Gallo only played 70 games in the previous season, but he still had 22 homers and was on his way to having his third straight year with more than 40. Gallo is a withering weapon for the Texas Rangers and, although he was limited the year before, his equal performance earned him to be selected to the MLB All-Star Game the year before.

Cody Bellinger, Yordan Álvarez, Eloy Jiménez

  • Favorite to win MLB regular season home runs: +1400

In fifth place, according to odds, we have a triple tie between outfielder Cody Bellinger, designated hitter Yordan Alvarez and left fielder Eloy Jiménez.

Bellinger represents so much danger, that he led the MLB in intentional walks the year before with 21. Still, Bellinger hit for 47 home runs, 115 RBIs and led the league in a total of 351 bases. He was the League MVP National and is vital in the offense of some Dodgers who go for the scepter this year.

Yordan Álvarez was the American League rookie of the year and his 27 homers and 205 total bases were the impetus for the Cuban to win the award. Of course, Alvarez is a member of the Houston Astros, a team that is urged to win and demonstrate that their last successful seasons were not the work of their traps, but of their talented squad.

Eloy Jiménez had a great rookie year with the Chicago White Sox where he was fourth in the rookie of the year vote. However, Jiménez had 31 homers on the season for a team that was pretty lackluster the year before.

Regular Season Home Run Predictions

Mike Trout is a beast, his career has been extraordinary at the individual level and I do not see that this does not continue to be the trend. On the other hand, Cody Bellinger is very afraid, which is why I see it difficult to win the batting championship, because many pitchers are not willing to raffle off against him. My pick goes to Pete Alonso +1000, who in his sophomore year not only do I think will repeat as a regular-season home run champion, but will propel the Mets to compete for a postseason field.