Analysis MLB - NL Cy Young Award Odds

Analysis MLB - NL Cy Young Award Odds

June 2, 2020

The Cy Young award is given to the most effective pitcher in the National League – in this case – and in 2020, we will have very skilled pitchers, and in different contexts, but the clear thing is that on their shoulders they have a great need to be elite and perform to the maximum. These are the five favorites to win the award in 2020.

MLB – NL Cy Young Analysis

Jacob deGrom

  • Favorite to win CY Young National League +336

The Mets pitcher is an ace, and he will aim to be just the third pitcher in history to win three Cy Youngs in a row. He led the National League with 255 strikeouts and had a 2.43 ERA with a New York Mets close to reaching the postseason. deGrom is a guarantee of quality on the hill and everyone knows it, and winning a third Cy Young in a row would be complete madness.

Max Scherzer

  • Favorite to win CY Young National League +538

Not only is he a great pitcher, but Max Scherzer was a bulwark for the Washington Nationals to accomplish a feat by clinching the World Series title the year before. Scherzer had an ERA of 2.92, with 243 strikeouts, and led the league in FIP with 2.45. He has been on the Cy Young podium for two consecutive years after winning it in 2016 and 2017. Scherzer seeks to regain the throne that deGrom took from him.

Walker Buehler

  • Favorite to win CY Young National League +625

The LA Dodgers pitcher has on his shoulders to finally win a title with the Los Angeles team, which brings a drought that they have not been able to break despite having reached two finals in the last four years. Buehler led the league with 78% win rate and completed two games. Although the reflectors are usually taken by Clayton Kershaw (+1800), it is Buehler who has positioned himself as a danger on the knoll.

Jack Flaherty

  • Favorite to win CY Young National League +775

231 strikeouts and an ERA of 2.75 are great numbers, but what has the St Louis Cardinals pitcher in this position is his effectiveness, since he led the league in WHIP, a statistic that adds the walks and hits allowed by a pitcher, among the thrown entries. Flaherty has a .968, the guy doesn’t get hits, he’s a rough draft.

Yu Darvish

  • Favorite to win CY Young National League +1213

Surprisingly, sportsbooks have Yu Darvish on pitchers like Clayton Kershaw and Stephen Strasburg (+1275). It is striking because Darvish had a losing record for the second consecutive year – although the Chicago Bears have ended in green numbers – but especially because he allowed 33 home runs, leader in the National. His ERA is 3.98 and his team is in the fight but is not a powerful contender within the National League.

Predictions of NL Cy Young Award

It was Jacob deGrom who took away the opportunity to make history for Max Scherzer looking to win three consecutive Cy Youngs. Now, the roles are reversed and it is Scherzer who will seek to ruin deGrom’s honor. The Mets pitcher is the clear favorite, however, the metro team has inconsistencies that, in the long run, may complicate deGrom’s task. Scherzer, meanwhile, comes with the motivation to be the defending champion, even though no one sees the Nationals as title contenders.

The other pitchers are talented, but when it comes to the cream in the NL, Scherzer and deGrom are on a separate table and will battle the Cy Young award among themselves throughout the season. That said, I reiterate deGrom as the favorite – and best pitcher – of the National League. Recommended bet is Jacob deGrom +336.