NBA betting - Boston Celtics vs Denver Nuggets Week 5

NBA betting - Boston Celtics vs Denver Nuggets Week 5

November 22, 2019

The Denver Nuggets are second in the Western Conference and, with three straight wins, will seek to hunt the top of the conference (Los Angeles Lakers). The Boston Celtics, meanwhile, will try to turn the page after a painful overtime loss to the Los Angeles Clippers. Let’s check the teams for this Celtics vs Nuggets for your NBA Betting.

Celtics vs Nuggets NBA 2019 Week 5

Denver Nuggets Analysis

If we talk about complete teams, Denver is one of the best. A team that has a super star, in its center Nikola Jokic, and also the rest of the team consists of players who know their role, adapt to the style of play that coach Michael Malone has imposed, and are effective in executing the play-book.

Jokic leads the team in assists (5.8) and rebounds (9) per game. To this we need to add 17.2 points that he does per match and we have a unique pivot, which makes his height the core of game creation and takes advantage of his great vision to open spaces to his teammates. Jokic is something very special.

His top scorer at the moment is the base Jamal Murray. Murray, with 18.5 points per game, has become the best accomplice in Jokic’s field. Not only that, it provides five assists and is the complement that Jokic needs to work either in the pick-and-roll or in the pick-and-pop. Murray is a young talent, that with the confidence the coach has placed in him, has everything to exploit in the near future. The Canadian is a talent we have a look at.

If you look closely, the teams top scorers do not reach 20 points per game, curious. It happens that the Denver Nuggets have in their roster five players that average double digits in points scored. As stated earlier, an extremely complete roster. Escorts Will Barton and Gary Harris, along with forward Paul Millsap complete this list of scorers.

The previous year they stayed at the gates of a conference finals, but Denver doesn’t let up. They wants to go for everything.

Boston Celtics Analysis

The Celtics are a team that, losing two of their top figures (the base Kyrie Irving and the pivot Al Horford), have had, curiously, an increase in their level of play.

Now, with Kemba Walker as the base that commands the offensive alongside third-year forward Jayson Tatum, the Celtics march first in the Eastern Conference. Boston has a young and talented team, which has overcome the losses of this season and the various injuries of important players, such as forward Gordon Hayward, and has found, in his collective game, how to win and fight the matches that , in previous years, escaped their hands.

Walker averages 22.6 points, Tatum 21. To that we add that the guard Jaylen Brown scores about 18.5 points and we have an offense that is able to score either inside the paint, from outside the box, and in the perimeter they can do a lot of damage too (Tatum and Walker both average 39% from behind the three point line).

The rest of the team has players who fight in defense and complicate rivals. The saying of not having free baskets they take it seriously. The guard Marcus Smart is a defense specialist from the perimeter and has that aggressive instinct to go for the ball and implement a strong physical mark before his match-ups.

As for the defense inside the paint, Enes Kanter and Daniel Theis bring their corpulence and tenacity to not allow easy access to the hoop. Despite not averaging many blocks, they know how to use their positioning to make the opponent uncomfortable.

Celtics vs Nuggets Game History

Celtics and Nuggets have seen their faces 90 times. Boston has 54 victories against 36 from Denver. The Nuggets have won the last two.

General Info of the Celtics vs Nuggets NBA 2019 Week 5

  • When?: Friday, November 22, 2019
  • Time?: 8:00 PM
  • Where?: Pepsi Center
  • Nuggets vs Celtics Live: NBA League Pass

Betting Lines Celtics vs Nuggets NBA 2019 Week 5

The Nuggets are favorites byfive points in the spread, to charge with them, Denver needs to win by six or more points. In the case of Boston, they can win or lose up to four. In case of the Nuggets win by five, the bet is tied, that is, push and the investment is returned.

Celtics vs Nuggets NBA 2019 Week 5 Prediction

Boston will visit the height of Denver and life can get complicated. Denver knows how to play at home and, with depth in its squad, will take a tight victory. Boston will not have enough to stop the unpredictable way of playing Jokic. Recommended bet are the Denver Nuggets -5.