NBA Betting - Toronto Raptors vs Los Angeles Clippers Week 4

NBA Betting - Toronto Raptors vs Los Angeles Clippers Week 4

November 11, 2019

Los Angeles Clippers face the Toronto Raptors in what will be the first game of the current champions against the player who took them to the promised land, forward Kawhi Leonard. Let’s check the teams for this Raptors vs Clippers for your NBA Betting.

Raptors vs Clippers NBA 2019 Week 4

Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers started this season in a good manner, although there are already losses to their credit. The reason is that they gave Kawhi Leonard some rest twice and his other forward, Paul George, has not yet made his debut due to a shoulder surgery.

These two, when they are not there, are missed. Paul George was third in the MVP vote last season when he played for Oklahoma City Thunder and Kawhi Leonard led the Toronto Raptors to the championship, winning the finals MVP. Leonard also leads the team in points (29.3), rebounds (7.3) and assists (5.7). Carries the team in every aspect.

The Clippers have a deep and talented roster, but the two superstars catapult it to higher levels. Players like Patrick Beverley (base) and Montrezl Harrell (pivot) are defensive weapons. Harrell himself and Lou Williams (guard) are offensive forces from the bench.

They also have 3 point shooters in their team such as Landry Shamet guard or JaMychal Green power forward (54% from the perimeter). When Paul George returns – one of the best in the league – this team will be a two-edged sword, an elite defense and top attack, either from outside the 3 point line or inside the paint.

In addition, they are being trained by Doc Rivers, a guarantee and quality coach who has already been champion.

Against the Raptors they must play physical, strong and try to nullify the power forward Pascal Siakam, who leads the offensive threads for the Canadian team.

Toronto Raptors

The Raptors lost their best player in the offseason, but the current monarchs refuse to be a champion who does not fight to revalidate his crown. This game marks the second consecutive in Los Angeles, first against the Lakers and then the Clippers.

These are two games of high stakes. But Toronto is third in the Eastern Conference and, although they don’t have a superstar, they have a complete team, ready to fight until the last second.

Upon Leonard’s departure, the Raptors gave an extension to the pivot Pascal Siakam. A decision that seemed rushed but, as seen in the first games of the year, has paid off.

Siakam leads the team in points and rebounds, with 25.6 and 9.1 respectively. Not only that, Siakam knows how to play the paint and manage the timing to score under the hoop, but if it is open, he will not hesitate to shoot 3 pointers (39% effectiveness). Offensively it is very complete. Defensively, it’s great too.

At its two bases, Kyle Lowry (6.7 assists per game) and Fred VanVleet (franchise assists leader with 6.9 per game), also have two snipers that average 42% from the perimeter. In them they have points and distribution and are ideal for the pick-and-roll game that Toronto uses.

Against the Clippers, they will face who made them fulfill their dreams, but also a squad that is a candidate for the throne on their own. Intensity to the maximum.

Raptors vs Clippers Game History

In 46 previous games, the Raptors lead the series 27-19. The last one was won by Toronto 121-103, in February 2019.

General Info for the Game Raptors vs Clippers NBA 2019 Week 4

  • When?: Monday, November 11, 2019
  • Time?: 9:30 PM
  • Where?: Staples Center
  • Raptors vs Clippers Live: NBA League Pass

Betting Lines for the Game Raptors vs Clippers NBA 2019 Week 4

  • Spread: Not available.
  • Money Lines: Not available.
  • Total Points: Not available.

Raptors vs Clippers NBA 2019 Week 4 Prediction

The Clippers are local and they have Kawhi Leonard in good shape. In addition, it is Toronto’s second back-to-back game (on consecutive nights) on the road and fatigue can be a factor. Recommended bet Los Angeles Clippers.