NBA Betting - Houston Rockets vs Los Angeles Clippers Week 5

NBA Betting - Houston Rockets vs Los Angeles Clippers Week 5

November 22, 2019

Los Angeles Clippers are already 100% full roster and that will generate many problems for the rest of the league. On the other hand, James Harden who aims to be the MVP of the league for the second time, the Houston Rockets want to surprise and steal a victory at the Staples Center. Let’s check the teams for this Rockets vs Clippers for your NBA Betting.

Rockets vs Clippers NBA 2019 Week 5

Los Angeles Clippers analysis

The Clippers had their entire team for the first time this season against the Celtics. With their guards Paul George and Kawhi Leonard together in the game, Los Angeles took a tight victory against the Boston Celtics 107-104.

Interesting fact is that the maximum scorer of the match was the shooting guard and sixth man of the team, Lou Williams, who scored himself 27 points in the evening.

George contributed with another 25 and although Kawhi Leonard had a more discreet game, with only 17 points, he appeared in the crucial moments of the encounter with a murderous dunk over Daniel Theis in the last moments of the last quarter and then, with the block that sealed the game in overtime.

The Clippers team has been rejuvenated, with their figures already healthy, it is a matter of time for them to finish engaging their figures and thus, enter into full play. In spite of that, the saying is that talent recognizes talent and, therefore, it is not that the team looked bad, but that it is taken for granted that they will be further enhanced in the future.

The team is defensively absurd, with elite defenders such as baseman Pat Beverley, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George and the pivot Montrezl Harrell. Overcoming them is a complete nightmare.

It is a complete and talented team that knows how to attack and defend, and very well trained by Doc Rivers. Clippers are a serious threat.

Houston Rockets analysis

Houston comes from losing in Denver. An always complicated visit. But it is a defeat that can be budgeted on the calendar due to its difficulty. However, his backcourt had a more than positive encounter.

Guard James Harden scored 27, while point guard Russell Westbrook contributed 25. The problem was that the rest of the team could not keep up with their pase. No one besides them two and center Clint Capela (12 points) managed to make more than 7 points, against a complete team like Denver, you are not allowed to play like that.

The same applies to the Clippers, who are also a better defensive team than Denver. To overcome them, Houston will need his artillery to be on point, otherwise it can be a very indecorous defeat.

That is the problem of Houston and its system implemented by coach Mike D’Antoni. It depends on the inspiration of its players, it is something that goes beyond order and discipline in the field – which sometimes even seems not to be – they are not worth it, only the talent and the state of form in which they leave on a given day.

That’s why it’s hard to place Houston as a contender, with that system it is very complicated to go beyond a regular season.

Rockets vs Clippers Game History

In 200 matches, the Clippers have won 78 games, against 122 for the Rockets. The last two have been victories for Houston.

General Info for the Rockets vs Clippers NBA 2019 Week 5

  • When?: Friday, November 22, 2019
  • Time?: 9:30 PM
  • Where?: Staples Center
  • Clippers vs Rockets Live: ESPN / NBA League Pass

Rockets vs Clippers NBA 2019 Week 5 Betting Lines

Clippers are favorites for five points in the spread. That is, to charge with Los Angeles, they must win by six points or more. To win the bet with Houston, they can win or lose up to four. If the Clippers win by five, the bet is tied and the investment is returned.

Rockets vs Clippers NBA 2019 Week 5 Prediction

The Clippers have a complete team, probably the best in the NBA. Houston will have a hard time, but with two guards like Harden and Westbrook they can’t be overlooked. At the end of the day, the Clippers are more and should take the victory. Recommended bet are Los Angeles Clippers -5.