Arizona Cardinals Schedule Odds & Analysis - NFL News & Odds

Arizona Cardinals Schedule Odds & Analysis - NFL News & Odds

May 19, 2020

Arizona made big moves ahead of this season to help second-year quarterback Kyler Murray. With a body of receivers the likes of Larry Fitzgerald, DeAndre Hopkins and an offensive line with good reinforcements, Arizona took many steps forward. Let’s see what the Arizona Cardinals schedule looks like for you to make your bets against their NFL odds.

Arizona Cardinals Schedule Analysis

Week 1 49ers vs Cardinals

  • Sunday September 13 | 16:25 hrs

Despite taking great strides toward a successful future, Arizona is likely to start the season off. The reason, visit one of the strongest teams, not only in its division, but in the entire league.

The defense of the 49ers will put Kyler Murray to run with the aim of saving his life. Murray is a mobile quarterback and quite fast, but more than looking for passes, he will be avoiding punishment, that can play against Arizona. The key is to play fast, that the defense of the Niners does not have time to arrive at Murray, something very difficult to obtain.

Week 6 Cowboys vs Cardinals

  • Monday October 19 | 20:15 hrs

On paper, Dallas must be the favorite for this match, however, with Dallas it is unknown. It is a rather irregular team. That makes this match quite entertaining. Two offenses with a lot of dynamism, which promise great plays and probably many points.

For Arizona, the key is to limit Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. Have the quarterback Dak Prescott win the game. Prescott is a decent quarterback, but he shouldn’t throw much, because he falls into the error zone. That’s the way for Arizona to storm AT&T Stadium.

Week 11 Seahawks vs Cardinals

  • Thursday, November 19 | 20:20 hrs

Week 11 will give us an idea of ​​who is competing and who is not, so for this meeting we will see if Arizona fights or simply takes steps towards future success, but not the immediate present.

Seattle, meanwhile, will be fighting as usual for its playoff spot. Kyler Murray will go against who has been his NFL comparison model, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. It will be a duel in front of a mirror, only the mirror has already established itself as one of the elite, and Murray wants to start making that path for him.

Week 12 Patriots vs Cardinals

  • Sunday November 29 | 16:05 hrs

Contrary to the usual norm, New England is not likely to be quiet at the top of the AFC East, but is fighting hand-to-hand with the Buffalo Bills. Therefore, this match is crucial for them and they must go out to kill.

Arizona’s defense has three pillars. The defensive line is commanded by linebacker Chandler Jones, who will seek to put pressure on Jarrett Stidham. Then, the second line of linebackers features rookie Isaiah Simmons, who by week 12 must be at a gigantic level. Lastly, the secundary has cornerback Patrick Peterson, who will hope to punish Stidham permanently with interceptions or missed passes. They are the ones who must win.

Week 17 Rams vs Cardinals

  • Sunday January 3 | 16:25 hrs

The last week is a strong divisional visit, as they are all in the NFC West. Arizona has two contexts for this game. The first, to surprise and still arrive fighting for a wild field. That would make this game against the Rams somewhat electric. Second, the Cardinals will no longer be in contention.

However, divisional rivalry means seeking victory at all costs and that’s where the Cardinals can hit. It is a game where the Rams are better squad, but where the distances have been shortened quite a lot, brave game and many points.

2020 Predictions For The Arizona Cardinals

Arizona will make a leap, but is still a year or two away from exploiting its potential, however they will improve compared to 5-10-1 the year before. The team has improved and will see more wins, I see them hovering 7-9 for this season.

The Cardinals are at +830 odds to win the NFC North.

2020 Arizona Cardinals Regular Season Calendar

  • Week 1 | Sunday September 13 | 16:25 hrs | 49ers vs Cardinals | Levi´s Stadium
  • Week 2 | Sunday September 20 | 16:05 hrs | Cardinals vs Redskins | State Farm Stadium
  • Week 3 | Sunday 27 September | 16:25 hrs | Cardinals vs Lions | State Farm Stadium
  • Week 4 | Sunday October 4 | 13:00 hrs | Panthers vs Cardinals | Bank of America Stadium
  • Week 5 | Sunday October 11 | 13:00 hrs | Jets vs Cardinals | MetLife Stadium
  • Week 6 | Monday October 19 | 20:15 hrs | Cowboys vs Cardinals | AT&T Stadium
  • Week 7 | Sunday October 25 | 16:05 hrs | Cardinals vs Seahawks | State Farm Stadium
  • Week 8 | Bye Week (Rest) |
  • Week 9 | Sunday November 8 | 16:25 hrs | Cardinals vs Dolphins | State Farm Stadium
  • Week 10 | Sunday November 15 | 13:00 hrs | Cardinals vs Bills | State Farm Stadium
  • Week 11 | Thursday, November 19 | 20:20 hrs | Seahawks vs Cardinals | CenturyLink Field
  • Week 12 | Sunday November 29 | 16:05 hrs | Patriots vs Cardinals | Gillette Stadium
  • Week 13 | Sunday December 6 | 16:05 hrs | Cardinals vs Rams | State Farm Stadium
  • Week 14 | Sunday December 13 | 13:00 hrs | Giants vs Cardinals | MetLife Stadium
  • Week 15 | Sunday December 20 | 16:25 hrs | Cardinals vs Eagles | State Farm Stadium
  • Week 16 | Sunday December 27 | TBA hrs | Cardinals vs 49ers | State Farm Stadium
  • Week 17 | Sunday January 3 | 16:25 hrs | Rams vs Cardinals | Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum