NFL Betting - Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions Week 13

NFL Betting - Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions Week 13

November 27, 2019

The Detroit Lions arrive without their starting quarterback and have seen how the season escaped again. The Chicago Bears, also from the NFC North, have had a frustrating season and watch the postseason move away more and more. Let’s check the teams for the game Bears vs Lions for your NFL Betting.

Bears vs Lions NFL 2019 Week 13

Detroit Lions analysis

The Lions have had a really heartbreaking regular season. Starting undefeated during the first three weeks, and fighting both defeats against the Chiefs and Packers – with controversy against included- Detroit had some hope of fighting a high spot in their division, they didn’t play spectacularly, but they didn’t play badly, At least in attack. From there everything has gone down.

Now they have four straight losses, a 3-7-1 mark and a starting quarterback that is out of the equation due to a back injury. Without Matthew Stafford and Jeff Driskel in command, the Detroit team lost 19-16 to a very sad Washington Redskins. Not only that, Driskel threw three interceptions.

Now, and with a lousy head coach like Matt Patricia, the Lions should already be thinking more about what to do or improve for next year than for this one.

Detroit has the fourth worst total defense, the third worst by air and the ninth worst by land, they stop absolutely no one. And without Stafford, his offense is unable to put numerous points.

Unfortunate for its good team of receptors. Both Marvin Jones Jr. and Kenny Golladay have more than 700 yards and have eight touchdowns each. Both specialize in making catches really difficult, but without Stafford or the chance they have. Driskel is mediocre on her best day.

Chicago Bears analysis

They say a good offensive wins matches, but a good defense wins championships. In the case of Chicago nothing can be more wrong. Chicago has an elite defense, the fourth best overall defense in the NFL, but the offensive and, especially, Mitch Trubisky as quarterback, have left much to be desired.

The Bears defense carried with this team the previous year until the postseason, but this year everything has fallen dramatically. The team is not yet eliminated despite its negative record, but to think that Mitchell Trubisky – or whoever is on the offensive side – can raise his performances to an acceptable level is unlikely.

Chicago has the total offense number 29th, 30th per pass and 29th on the ground. It is the fifth team with the least points scored throughout the year with 188. There can be no bigger difference between defense and attack. Unfortunately, in the NFL, both are needed.

In the last match of the Bears they beat the New York Giants 19-14 at home.

Bears vs Lions Game History

Coming from one of the most historic divisions in the NFL, the Bears and the Lions have met 179 times. Chicago is the clear dominator of the series with 100 wins, by 74 from Detroit and five draws. Not only that, the Bears team has won the last three games.

General Info for the Game Bears vs Lions NFL 2019 Week 13

  • When?: Thursday, November 28, 2019
  • Time?: 11:30 PM
  • Where?: Ford Field
  • Bears vs Lions Live: Fox Sports / NFL Game Pass

Bears vs Lions NFL 2019 Week 13 Betting Lines

The Bears are favorites by three points in the spread, meaning that, to collect with them, Chicago must win by four points or more. As for the Lions, Detroit must win or lose up to two points in order to collect. If Chicago wins by three, the bet is tied or PUSH and the investment is returned.

Bears vs Lions NFL 2019 Week 13 Prediction

This game will have very few points, between two offenses that do not carbure and a defense of Chicago that can stop an alternate quarterback like Driskel, the Bears have the opportunity to win  and continue believing – as improbable as it may seem – in reaching the postseason. The recommended bet is the Chicago Bears Win -3.