NFL Betting - Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs Week 13

NFL Betting - Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs Week 13

November 27, 2019

The Kansas City Chiefs had a bye week to prepare this divisional game where, if they win, they practically seal their divisional title. On the other hand, the Oakland Raiders arrive urged of a victory to continue fighting their postseason spot. Let’s check the teams for this Raiders vs Chiefs for your NFL Betting.

Raiders vs Chiefs NFL 2019 Week 13

Kansas City Chiefs Analysis

Kansas City is a team divided into two parts. His defense is a disaster, especially by land. They allow 143.1 yards per game, the third worst in the league. While its air defense is decent, any team that knows how to run – and Oakland knows – is a big problem.

However, the offensive is absurd. Led by the current MVP, quarterback Patrick Mahomes is the third best offense on yards per game, with 396.1 yards per game and the fourth with the most points scored with 308 so far.

There are two worlds defense and attack and no team is clearer than the Kansas City. Their tactic is to score more than they score, not so much to control the opponent.

However, coming from bye week, Andy Reid has a 17-3 record as head coach. This also means that Mahomes had another week to recover from his injury, as did the wide receiver Tyreek Hill. Kansas City is an offensive power.

It will be a match of several points probably. And every time that happens, with Mahomes on the field is a guaranteed show.

Oakland Raiders analysis

Oakland lost catastrophically to the New York Jets, 34-3. It is undoubtedly the worst game of the season for them where they were inoperative on offense and, before the Chiefs, that should not happen.

Josh Jacobs is a running back of great caliber, but against the Jets, he was limited to only 34 yards. Of course, the Jets defense is the best against carrying and that of Kansas City is the worst.

Quarterback Derek Carr also had a nightmare game. He had only 127 yards, without touchdowns and an interception. Carr has been inconstant in his career and this year has been no different. With 15 TDs and six interceptions, Carr can win a game or go completely unnoticed.

His defense is 24th and is a real problem against the Chiefs, especially when the air defense is 28th in the league and they allow 266.8 yards per game. Against Mahomes it can be really lapidary. They need to press it and force it to pass under very limited space windows.

Raiders vs Chiefs Game History

The Chiefs lead the series 66-53-2 between them in 121 games played. The Chiefs have also won four of the last five.

General Info for the Game Raiders vs Chiefs NFL 2019 Week 13

  • When?: Sunday, December 1, 2019
  • Time?: 3:25 PM
  • Where?: Arrowhead Stadium
  • Raiders vs Chiefs Live: Channel 9 / NFL Game Pass

Raiders vs Chiefs NFL 2019 Week 13 Betting Lines

The Chiefs are favorites by 10 points in the spread. That is, to collect with Kansas City, they must win by 11 points or more. To collect with the Raiders, the team can win, or even lose up to nine points. If the Chiefs win by 10, the bet is tied or PUSH and the investment is returned.

Raiders vs Chiefs NFL 2019 Week 13 Prediction

It will be a match with several points. But the Raiders are not able to exceed the scoring capacity of the Chiefs. So this game will stay at home, as the game advances the Chiefs will gain confidence and Oakland will be overwhelmed. The recommended bet is the Kansas City Chiefs -10.