Bolonia vs Juventus Serie A Matchday 27 - Soccer News & Odds

Bolonia vs Juventus Serie A Matchday 27 - Soccer News & Odds

June 22, 2020

Serie A is now closed, and Bolonia FC will host the battered Juventus, who have just lost the Italian Cup title after losing on penalties to Napoli. Let’s see how the Bolonia vs Juventus teams square up for you to place your bets against their Serie A odds.

Bolonia vs Juventus Serie A 2020 Matchday 27

Bolonia FC Analysis

Bolonia FC will face a tough challenge when they host a battered Juventus side at home, and they will be hoping to take advantage of this emotional moment to get a positive result this matchday.

In addition to this of Juve, Bolonia have three games of not getting a victory, adding two losses against Genoa and Lazio plus the draw with Udinese to one goal.

The Bolonia needs to return to the way of the triumph, they separate it five points of being able to caress the European dream, what makes us think that this stop of the tournament served to work the mental part of the players facing the closing.

Juventus, Sampdoria, Cagliari, Inter Milan, Saussolo, Parma, Atalanta, Lecce, Fiorentina and Torino, are the commitments that remain this season to Bolonia, complex games, with rivals who are in the top of the table, presages a difficult closure in this season.

Bolonia have nine wins, seven draws and ten defeats, a total of 34 points from 26 rounds, scoring 38 goals and conceding 42.

Juventus Analysis

Juventus were dealt a major blow in midweek when they reached the final of the Copa Italia against Napoli, drawing in regular time without a goal and going down on penalties, leaving the cup title in the hands of their rivals.

With regard to Serie A, Juventus will begin the final stretch in the quest to maintain the dominance they have held since 2012, where the Scudetto has always ended up in the home of the Bianconeri.

We must recognize that this season has been one of the most complex they have faced, sometimes the title came very early, but in this 2019-2020 are a single game to lose the lead.

The Turinians have no margin for error in this closing of the tournament, Lazio is a point away, both will be engaged in a fight that could be defined five games before the end of the tournament, where Juve will face Lazio being local in a game that could be life or death.

The Vecchia Signora have the advantage, it’s up to them to add their ninth title in a row, but they will have to make an extra effort, if they can’t see their dream come true soon after the end of the tournament.

We will see if Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala arrive plugged into the game, the previous matches of Copa Italia have not shown their best form, where they are a key part of the attacking gear of the squad.

Juventus is the leader in Italy, adding 63 units, one more than Lazio, its offensive production translates into almost two goals per game to add 50 in the 26 games already played, while in the defensive zone are 24 goals received.

Face-offs Bolonia Vs Juventus Serie A 2020 Matchday 27

Nine years and four months has passed since Bolonia has been unable to get a win against Juventus, in February 2011 this victory was recorded by a score of 0-2. In the next 15 games Juventus has 14 wins and a draw where Juventus has scored 28 goals and Bolonia seven. Renato Dall’Ara

General Match Info Bolonia FC vs Juventus Serie A 2020 Matchday 27

  • When: Monday, June 22, 2020
  • Mexico City Time: 2:45 PM
  • Where: Renato Dall’Ara
  • Bolonia vs Juventus Live: ESPN, RAI Italy

Betting Lines for the match Bolonia FC vs Juventus Serie A 2020 Round 27

Bolonia does not have the favoritism for this game and it is clear, their opponent is Juventus, but if they achieve this victory we will be paid $455 for a $100 bet, in case everything goes smoothly and Juventus is the winner, we will receive $100 for a $192 bet. A possible draw generates $312.

Sports Predictions for the match Bolonia FC vs Juventus

Juventus can’t let a single point slip through their fingers, Bolonia won’t be a complex opponent nor will it be a complicated game to get the result. Bet on Juventus 1.55.