Ligue 1 Betting - PSG vs Monaco Matchday 15

Ligue 1 Betting - PSG vs Monaco Matchday 15

November 27, 2019

Matchday 15 of French football will have a match where Monaco will receive a motivated Paris Saint-Germain, who comes from getting an important result in the previous day of the Champions League. Let’s check the teams for this PSG vs Monaco for your Ligue 1 Betting.

PSG vs Monaco Ligue 1 2019 Matchday 15

Monaco Analysis

Things do not seem to go positively for Monaco team in this season start.

The squad has not managed to take off, the positive results are not constant, so European tournament positions are currently elusive.

The problems for the team lie in the shallow depth shown by the football they develop, their strikers facing goal are not effective, so the games they have solved with the win have been close and with clenched teeth.

Monaco has 21 goals in its favor on these 14 already disputed dates, but its defensive problem is clear, as the team received 24 goals against, complicating the club’s football standings.

Head coach Leonardo Jardim will undoubtedly have a reflective week, where he must prepare his team to receive the leader of the tournament, who also arrives motivated after the magical night lived in the Champions League.

Monaco is fourteenth of the general, with a total of 18 points, registering a total of five wins, three draws plus six defeats, taking a distance with its rival of 15 points.

Paris Saint-Germain analysis

Paris Saint-Germain will arrive to this matchday 15 of the local tournament, not only with the confidence generated by being the leader of the French tournament, but also with an eight-point lead over its most immediate pursuer.

The good Parisian moment moves to the most important tournament in Europe, where in their visit to the Spanish capital, they managed to overcome a difference of two goals, to sentence a draw with two goals achieved in less than three minutes, against Real Madrid.

Without hesitation, one of the figures for the team’s result, was the superb participation of their star goalkeeper Keylor Navas, who recorded a total of 10 saves, which were worth to maintain the result and avoid a monumental catastrophe in Madrid.

Paris is being a true steamroller in the local tournament, something that is not new in recent years we must add. The team has 11 wins in its 14 games, with no ties in its record, plus three losses at this time.

The recovery of their main figures will undoubtedly give more power to the team, which little by little, better fit the idea of ​​his coach, in the attempt to get the French title as soon as possible.

PSG vs Monaco Game History

The previous tournament the Parisians were owners and masters of the two matches they recorded in the season. As a visitor, the PSG won 0-4, while in Paris, Monaco was defeated by a score of 3-1. Recording seven goals in favor for PSG, while his opponent scored only once.

General Info for the Game PSG vs Monaco Ligue 1 2019 Matchday 15

  • When?: Sunday, December 1, 2019
  • Time?: 2:00 PM
  • Where?: Luis Segundo Stadium
  • PSG vs Monaco Live: ESPN International

PSG vs Monaco Ligue 1 2019 Matchday 15 Betting Lines

Parisian power is latent and sports analysis gives a clear victory for those in the French capital without objection. The PSG victory will pay $100 for every $204 wagered, while a possible Monaco win would generate a win of $426 for every $100 wagered. The draw would pay $361.

PSG vs Monaco Ligue 1 2019 Matchday 15 Prediction

For this game the victory of Paris Saint-Germain is the only result of any analysis, so it is not in dispute that the three points will be for the capitals. The recommended bet is for the triumph of PSG -204.