SS Lazio vs ACF Fiorentina Serie A Matchday 28 - Soccer News & Odds

SS Lazio vs ACF Fiorentina Serie A Matchday 28 - Soccer News & Odds

June 25, 2020

The SS Lazio took a wrong turn after loosing to the Atalanta, leaving Serie A on a silver platter for Juventus with 11 matches to go. He will now attempt to recover when he receives a visit from Fiorentina on Matchday 28 of the calcio season. Let’s see how the SS Lazio vs ACF Fiorentina teams arrive for you to place your bets against their Serie A odds.

SS Lazio vs ACF Fiorentina Serie A

SS Lazio Analysis

Just when we were expecting a close, hard-fought Serie A match, and with high expectations that by the 34th matchday we’d have a power struggle between Lazio and Juventus, today we can say that Lazio almost handed the championship over to their opponents.

The unexpected happened, after a comfortable two-goal lead in the first 12 minutes of play, Lazio had a second half of terror, seeing their opponents end up turning the result around and winning 3-2.

Atalanta dealt Lazio a near-fatal blow. Juventus today applauds their luck and sees the possibility of defending their title close at hand.

Now the only possible way is for Juve to fall in a game, for Lazio to take advantage and retake a point distance, to reach that 34th date with the possibility of dethroning the black and white.

The season was almost full, with 15 wins, five draws and three defeats – outstanding numbers in any league in the world, of course, as long as you don’t have Juventus as your opponents, who can do better.

Lazio will have to wait, they can not leave more points on the road, get the title no longer depends on them, the European goal is about to be sealed, but with the bad taste of mouth, they had in their hands dethrone Juventus.

ACF Fiorentina Analysis

Fiorentina arrive at the 28th round of the Serie A in the midst of a football crisis, making it impossible to settle their matches and now have three consecutive games with just one point.

This bad streak has now brought the “Fiore” within six points of getting into relegation problems, as well as moving 11 points away from the possibility of reaching the Europa League.

This matchday they must visit the Italian capital to face an opponent who arrives injured but, above all, in need of making up lost ground.

The previous day was a total disappointment, they got a draw to a goal at home, against the worst team in the championship, Brescia, leaving some negative numbers in this season.

Fiorentina have recorded seven wins, ten draws and the same number of defeats, the most representative victories of the season having been against AC Milan and Napoli, without this being of any real value given their position in the table.

With the season drawing to a close, they will have to row against the tide, hoping to score the necessary points to avoid relegation as a possibility. This is the only thing they have to focus on, as it is, for the moment, the goal they have left in this season.

 Clashes between SS Lazio vs ACF Fiorentina 

Fiorentina must not only fight against their bad run, they must also face the history that dictates that since 2017 they have failed to score three points against Lazio. Six matches have been played with four wins for Lazio and two draws.

General Match Info SS Lazio vs ACF Fiorentina Serie A

  • When: Saturday, June 27, 2020
  • Mexico City Time: 2:45 PM
  • Where: Rome Olympics
  • Lazio vs Fiorentina Live: ESPN, RAI Italia

Betting lines for the match SS Lazio vs ACF Fiorentina

For Lazio now it’s win or die, so we don’t expect anything else for this game. Their win will generate a $100 profit on each $178 bet, while if Fiorentina wins, we will charge $441 for a $100 investment. A fatal draw in this game would pay $311.

Sports Predictions for the SS Lazio vs ACF Fiorentina match

There is little to indicate that Lazio, although it is true that they had a setback, do not detract from the fact that they are a powerful team. The recommended bet is for Lazio 1.59.